Yellow King RPG Original Paintings

$700.00 CAD

These original art pieces are available for a limited time only!

These pieces were created for Pelgrane Press's Yellow King RPG, in particular for the Paris book. Set in 1890s Paris and focused on the creative communities, it made sense to try and bring some of the painting and drawing techniques and palettes of the time into the illustrations, so these are a combination of watercolour and coloured pencil, with palettes and compositions inspired by the Symbolist and Impressionist art of the time.

These textural and vibrant paintings are fairly large - just under 9 x 13" at final size, painted on pages 12 x 16" or cropped slightly smaller.

Shipping is included in the price; please triple-check that you're buying the original you mean to be buying!

Originals will be shipped in padded envelopes, with stiffeners at size or larger than the originals, with tracking and insured fully for their value.

All prices are in CAD.