Original Art - Pocket Dungeon Cover Art Originals

$100.00 CAD

These original art pieces are available for a limited time only!

Purchase the original graphite drawings on rag paper done for the covers of (A) The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra (~12" on the longest side) and (B) The Corruption of Pelursk (~12" square), the original ink drawing cover (8.5 x 11") for Keep on the Shining Isle, and the original 4 x 6" gouache painting that inspired Keep on the Shining Isle!

Shipping is included in the price; please triple-check that you're buying the original you mean to be buying!

Originals will be shipped in padded envelopes, with stiffeners at size or larger than the originals, with tracking and insured fully for their value.

All prices are in CAD.