Crystal Islands Original Paintings - Batch 1

$75.00 CAD

These original art pieces are available for a limited time only!

Crystal Islands are a constant motif for me as an artist - they are a tiny microcosm, combining geology, nature, myth-making, and the pleasure of pushing pigment around on a page. These four are my most recent works, from the past 18 months, all painted on rag paper. A and B are about 8" on their longest side; C is closer to 11" on its longest side, and D is smaller, at about 5" on its longest side.

Islands A and B were painted as a diptych, showing the same island after the ravages of time, and were a wonderful opportunity to let pigment soak in and react with the paper. They have incredible texture up close!

Islands C and D were painted with a palette that included several Daniel Smith primatek pigments - paints made from precious minerals, including Apatite, Fuchsite, Amethyst and more. As a result, both of them have some surface glitter when seen in person, and are very enticing up close.

Shipping is included in the price; please triple-check that you're buying the original you mean to be buying!

Originals will be shipped in padded envelopes, with stiffeners at size or larger than the originals, with tracking and insured fully for their value.

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