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Cherubim Spiral-bound Notebook / Sketchbook


The Cherubim sees all, knows all, and remembers knowledge from the beginning of time effortlessly. Most of us, however, have better luck with writing things down. Why not add the blessings of the Cherubim to your ideas, bullet journal entries or drawings?

Do so by taking home this gorgeous, sturdy, 10" spiral-bound notebook. With perforated pages for easy removal, and sturdy frosted polymer front and back covers that make it easy to write or draw on the go, this is a safe and elegant home for all your thoughts.

This 96 page (48 sheet) journal is available in four styles of 70lb cream notebook paper - lined, gridded, bulleted or blank.

Or turn it into a high quality 64 page (32 sheet) sketchbook with heavyweight drawing paper with a super fine tooth for your pencil, charcoal and ink work. It's even sturdy enough for collage and scrapbooking!

These will ship separately from zines and comics. All prices in CAD.