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Zine Dreams Do Come True!

$25.00 / On Sale

Are you in it for the zines? Gotta collect them all? I understand. That's why I made this package deal!

In this package, you get:
Adventurers! - a full colour zine of poor choices and outrageous character design from tabletop games both real and imagined.
Orin in the Weald - a sketchbook of black and white concept art, arranged from Awkward Highschool Art all the way to final designs, for Orin and the Dead Man's Sword. Bonus one page comic in the back!
Landscape Sketches on Paper - 24 full colour pages of plein air and plain imaginary landscapes, rendered in watercolour, gouache and ink.
Resonant Realms - a three colour risograph zine that takes treasured bands' life's work and distills them into surreal landscapes.

Three formats, four subjects, all staple bound and ready to fly into your collection! Grab ahold of your zine dream today!

All prices in CAD.