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Artifacts : Mineralia and Artifacts : Animalia vol.1


The Artifacts series are 16 page sketchbooks, 5.25" square, full of drawings, studies and explorations of my personal research. Many of these drawings were done on site in museums, galleries, zoos and from my own private collection, and where I have accurate notes to share, I have explained what in particular I was researching at the time.

The Animalia volumes will collect drawings of live animals, taxidermied mounts, skeletal studies, anatomy explorations, studies of reference photography and my own speculative explorations of extinct or future creatures, based on research.

The Mineralia volumes will collect drawings of crystals, minerals, geologic phenominon, and also stone and ceramic artifacts. They are a visual exploration of the varied shapes, textures, compositions and purposes rocks and minerals have been put to over time. These drawings tend to be as much about exploring and pushing artistic media as they are about recording the specimens in scientific accuracy.

You can grab either zine here, or snag both for a deal for $5!

These printed zines are a limited run of 50 copies, and they are signed and numbered! Once I sell out of them, they're *gone*!

All prices are in CAD.