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Mistaken Point Landscape Drawing Fine Art Print on Wood


This is a drawing of a river crossing in Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, in Newfoundland, Canada. It is printed in UV inks on Canadian wood.

The drawing was created from a photo I took on a guided hike to see the Mistaken Point fossils, a Unesco World Heritage Site. I was out in the best of Newfoundland weather: 12C, so foggy it was like walking through rain hung in the air, through the most beautiful rolling hills of scrubby bushes, ferns, bake-apple flowers and dwarfed evergreens.

The crossing was right at the stream's delta, so there are tide lines along the shore of seaweed and sea snail egg sacks and driftwood and shells. We crossed on a series of stepping stones, some half-immersed in the water. It was incredibly beautiful and a landscape I want to draw and paint again and again!

I wanted to find a special way to offer prints of this drawing - something that connected it even closer to the Canadian landscape it depicts, and I'm delighted to have found a way to offer these printed on wood. Due to the natural properties of wood, every wood canvas will be unique. Your print will be ready to hang out of the box, thanks to a 4 panel frame in back that makes hanging it quick and easy. The final piece is 8 x 10" and 1" thick.

These are printed using UV set inks. This means that your print is durable, resists water and can even be hung in the bathroom or kitchen without risk of humidity damage. While its still best to not touch your print if you don't have to, your print can be rubbed with a dry or damp clean cloth to clean of any dirt or dust.

All of the wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Canada.

All prices are in CAD.