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Fishstronaut at the Market - Zippered Case


Catching eyes with its bright colours, charming tourist and mysterious market vendors, this zippered case will delight with its quaint and yet strange scene. Add some surreal magic to your daily routine with this sturdy and fun accessory!

This small zippered case features Fishstronaut at the Market on its front, and a rich blue texture on the back. These can be used for anything - I've filled them with pens and pencils, my phone and charger, notebook and dice, travel necessities - you can carry whatever you need for your adventures! The case measures 9" by 4", has a white YKK zipper and a black keychain tab. The outer fabric is durable printed twill, and it's lined with a cream coloured artist canvas.

They're easy to care for: if you get, hypothetically, coffee and/or paint on yours, just handwash it in cold water or spot clean without bleach. The art holds up perfectly to being scrubbed and washed with soap. I've used mine for months and months, and they've definitely stood the test of time and travel. Grab one now to add some charm and magic to your life!

This case is only available for the month of July. All prices are in CAD.