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Fantasy Realms for Adventurers

$38.00 / On Sale

Do you seek wisdom beyond the ken of mortal society? Do you know what happens when you heed the call? Have you ventured to places seen only in the darkest poetry of the modern era? Have you died hilariously at the whim of the dice? Then this is the package for you!

This includes:
Adventurers - a zine of various tabletop rpg characters, both rolled and unrolled, some even the victims of tragic TPKs.
Call of Cthulhu Pencil Case - stare at the great old one himself or remind your fellow players why you should never split the party; all while stashing your dice, notes, pencils and perhaps a cursèd item or two as well!
URMYXI - the risograph print of the great chronomancer himself, guaranteed to unsettle and impress all those who gather (or game) nearby.
Resonant Realms - a zine of distant lands, summoned by only the heaviest of heavy metal soundtracks (or, of course, shamelessly catchy power metal about Lord of the Rings) and guaranteed to show you a new side to your musical taste. Probably.

And you have the option (in the dropdown), brave warrior, to seek the glorious silver embellishment of URMYXI, where the artist will bring to light in metallic pen the uncanny eldritch powers he wields, in the form of eyes, or crystals, or radiating lines, or perhaps something you request at checkout!

All in all, a glorious selection to be had here. Don't leave it to chance - grab yours today!

Some elements may ship separately. All prices in CAD.